SA Diesel currently has a special for the new year, on 50 million Liters, available for COC anywhere on the national grid. SPECIAL ENDS 30th September 2020 

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Your Number One Discounted Bulk Diesel Fuel Supplier for diesel from 10 million to 100 million liters per month.  

All SA Diesel Suppliers Product is COC (Customer Own Collection) anywhere on the National Grid.

SA Diesel Suppliers is an importer of EU5 D2 50ppm diesel.
This product meets and exceeds the SANS 342 & SGS standard.

Quality is assured as diesel is supplied directly from any gantry on the national grid.

Any quantity upliftment per day as per contract arrangement with the buyer. SADS is a direct importer with the appropriate swap, pipeline & storage arrangements with the major fuel suppliers in South Africa. Diesel orders from 10 million to 100 million liters a month. 

SA Diesel Suppliers can compete favorably with any legitimate wholesaler.
It is able to sustainably supply a quality product at a competitive price.

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